Hale Library curation project

After the  May 2018  fire at Hale Library, more than 1.5 million items were moved to storage facilities across the region where each item was cleaned by hand. The Libraries now face the monumental and unprecedented task of organizing the collection and returning materials to the library.

The unique circumstance presents an opportunity for the Libraries to improve the quality of the collection by removing materials that are dated, in poor condition or no longer align with teaching and research efforts at K-State.


Our decision-making process

The Libraries are using a data-driven approach to make informed decisions about the location of materials. Most materials will go back into Hale Library, some will be re-located to our off-site storage facility (the Annex) and some will be marked for removal from our collection.

A survey was distributed in the fall of 2019 to gather information from the K-State community on their use of the print collections in their research and teaching efforts. When combined with ongoing communication between librarians and their liaison departments, those results will help inform our decisions.

In a recent analysis of more than one million print items in the circulating collection, data showed that a third of the materials have not been checked out since 1995. Electronic data is not available before that date. Results also indicated that the print collection is older than most academic research libraries with 96 percent of items analyzed being more than 10 years old.


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