Policies and procedures

The purpose of the Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab is to facilitate the exploration of new technology, encourage participants to utilize their creative skills as they create new things and build community and social connections.


Maintaining a safe environment is a priority. The use of the Innovation Lab space is guided by Kansas State University regulations and the office of Environmental Health and Safety. Failure to adhere to these rules will risk the immediate suspension of the offending activity and possible termination of access. Lapses in safe and best practices will result in a review by the associate director and may lead to restriction of access to the space and equipment.

First aid kits are located in the Makespace and the Fabspace. If an emergency should occur, contact the K-State Police Department at 785-532-6414 or dial 911.


The Innovation Lab is open to K-State students, staff and faculty, as well as members of the Kansas community. Youths under the age of 18 are welcome, but supervision may be required. Patrons aged 12 and under may use the Innovation Lab if supervised by an adult at all times. The adult is responsible for the actions of the child.


Commercial use
Commercial use or mass production are not permitted in the library makerspaces. Prototyping, experimentation and testing are all welcome.

Personal projects
Personal projects are permitted and strongly encouraged! During busy times of the semester, the use of our resources for academic research and class assignments will take priority over individual creative projects. 

Cost sharing
Many potential Innovation Lab projects will use up some consumable material (e.g., 3D printer filament, wood, etc.).  We will strive to keep some materials “on hand.”  However, if you need very specific or hard-to-find material for a particular project, you are encouraged to bring that material with you.

Donation policy

The library is highly appreciative of any donations to the area. Consumable materials are a significant cost to the library and, therefore, donations are helpful. All donations must be approved by the Innovation Lab staff. The library reserves the right to refuse any donations to the Innovation Lab and remove any items that are no longer useful. The library staff will not assign any value to a donation, as this is up to the donor.

We welcome donations in the following areas:

  • fabric
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • glue
  • scrapbooking materials
  • plywood or scrap wood
  • LEGO
  • old computers
  • tools
  • nuts and bolts
  • filament

Working with minors and the community

Members of the community are welcome to use the equipment in the lab. We follow the Policy for the Protection of Minor Children Participating in University Programs policies and require adults to accompany any minors visiting the space. Be aware that the Libraries do not filter or monitor computer usage.

Equipment policies

3D printers
Please work with the Innovation Lab staff to print items.

Printing weapon-related items (including prop items and anything resembling a weapon) or any inappropriate or explicit items will not be permitted. Decisions by Innovation Lab staff regarding unacceptable items are final.

During peak usage at the end of each semester, the Innovation Lab does not allow personal projects to be printed. We also kindly ask research projects to be printed after the end of classes to allow undergraduate projects to finish.

Cricut/vinyl cutting

  • Not for commercial use or bulk manufacturing.
  • No content or objects that may infringe upon the intellectual property rights of a third party.

IT equipment checkout

Learn more about IT equipment checkout.

Recording studio

  • The studio is to be used for audio recording only. 
  • No food or drink is allowed in the studio rooms or the vestibule area, except water in containers with a secure closure.
  • Occupancy of the recording studio may not exceed three people at a time.
  • Users are responsible for saving and backing up their own files.
  • Software installation is not allowed on the studio computer.
  • Reconfiguration of hardware is not allowed. Do not unplug any cables.
  • No personal equipment other than a USB drive may be attached to the studio computer.
  • If assistance with reconfiguration of the recording studio is needed, please contact the media studio staff.

Sewing machines and sewing tools
When you're done working, replace the tools on the wall and toss or recycle scraps. Leave the machines the way you found them, e.g., re-thread with white, cover the machine and unplug it.