Collaboration room policies and procedures


Room guidelines

  • Talking is permitted in the rooms, but please be mindful of your neighbors who are also studying nearby.
  • Users are not allowed to cover the windows of the collaboration rooms.
  • Keep your belongings with you. Do not leave items unattended in the rooms. If you discover belongings in the room, turn them in to an employee at the Library Help Desk on the 2nd floor or the Welcome Desk on the 1st floor.
  • Inappropriate conduct such as excessive noise and sleeping is not permitted. Students are required to abide by Kansas State University’s Student Code of Conduct. The Libraries reserve the right to remove users from rooms, limit future room use, and report to the appropriate University authorities based on inappropriate conduct.
  • Report damage to room furniture or equipment to an employee at the Library Help Desk on the 2nd floor or the Welcome Desk on the 1st floor immediately. Unreported damage will be treated as an act of vandalism and reported to University Police.
  • Furniture may not be moved into or out of collaboration rooms.



  • K-State students, faculty, and staff can use the online reservation system to reserve a collaboration room up to 4 months in advance. Each person is limited to 4 hours of reservations per day.
  • The first 35 characters of the subject line of the reservation will show up on the room’s booking display. This is the only information that will show up on the display (note: neither the name nor the eID of the person making the reservation will appear).
  • Reservations are to be made only for specific uses. Reserving a room “just in case” or blocking out a room with or back-to-back bookings by different members of a group prevents fair access by all patrons. The Libraries reserve the right to limit future collaboration room use if the system is abused.
  • Instructions for making an advance reservation, calendars showing bookings for each room, and descriptions of each room are available on the Libraries collaboration room webpage.