AI and the Future Symposium: Trust AI?

Oct. 15-17, 2024

The AI and the Future Symposium is a free, three-day event featuring a variety of panels, lightning talks and workshops. It offers a way for the K-State and Manhattan communities to expand their knowledge of AI. Participants will learn about recent advances in AI, how AI can be used for educational purposes, AI applications in various disciplines including agriculture, engineering and the humanities, as well as some of the ethical issues surrounding AI.

This event is free to attend.

We are now accepting submissions for poster sessions. Use the drop-down menu below for more information.

Current sponsors

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Institute for Digital Agriculture and Advanced Analytics


This symposium is a partnership between K-State's Department of Modern Languages, K-State's Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, K-State's Department of Computer Science, K-State Libraries, Manhattan Public Library and the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.

Event organizers include Raelynne Hale, teaching assistant professor in the Department of Modern Languages; Alice Anderson, instructional designer II at K-State Libraries; Jason Coleman, academic services librarian at K-State Libraries; Pascal Hitzler, director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science; and Carol Sevin, academic services librarian at K-State Libraries.

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