AI and K-State Libraries

AI and K-State Libraries

K-State Libraries is working to empower Kansans to understand and ethically use artificial intelligence (AI) applications for creating text, images and video; searching for information; and conducting research and literature reviews.

Workshops on AI

In our efforts to educate our community, the Libraries offers workshops on the topic of AI:

  • Experience AI Text Generation – This workshop explores the basics of AI text generation and its impact on creativity.
  • Experience AI image Generation – This workshop explores the art of AI image generation and shares a few resources and applications with attendees.
  • Copyright and AI: Do You Agree with the Terms and Conditions? – This workshop features a discussion on copyright law as it relates to AI creations.
  • Debunking Your Social Feed with AI – This workshop shares tactics on how to use AI to fact check news and other information shared on social media.
  • AI Tools for Academic Research – This workshop demonstrates AI tools that facilitate discovery and increase efficiency.

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop, please contact one of our (AI)brarians: Alice Anderson, Carol Sevin or Jason Coleman.

AI and the Future symposium

Join us Oct. 15-17, 2024 for "AI and the Future: Trust AI?" This free, three-day event will feature a variety of panels, lightning talks and workshops, and it offers a way for the K-State and Manhattan communities to expand their knowledge of AI. Participants will learn about recent advances in AI, how AI can be used for educational purposes, AI applications in various disciplines including agriculture, engineering and the humanities, as well as some of the ethical issues surrounding AI.

The symposium is a collaboration between the Department of Modern Languages, the Libraries, K-State’s Center for AI and Data Sciences, and the Manhattan Public Library.

AI and the Future Symposium

Our interest groups

The Libraries has created three interest groups to engage the campus community in learning more about AI and sharing discoveries.

  • AI Ethics, Bias and Accessibility
  • AI Literacy
  • AI in the Workplace

If you are interested in joining one or more interest groups, contact one of our (AI)brarians: Alice Anderson, Carol Sevin or Jason Coleman.

Check out our AI literacy LibGuide

Want more information on AI and how it might impact you? Check out the LibGuide our (AI)brarians have put together. The guide covers multiple topics, including using AI for research, why AI matters in academia and beyond, and the ethics and biases of AI.

Artificial intelligence studio

The artificial intelligence studio in the Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab, located in Hale Library, offers students and patrons a way to create their own AI projects and use existing systems to enhance their research.