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K-State Libraries Strategic Plan

K-State Libraries will support the university as a next-generation, land-grant library — setting the standard for inspiring learning, creativity, discovery and engagement that positively impacts society and transforms lives in Kansas and around the world.

Champion equitable access to resources; teach critical evaluation and research skills; and cultivate innovation, inquiry and curiosity.

Create a next-generation, land-grant university library.


People first
We care deeply for the wellbeing of people, reflecting this by supporting our staff and providing our best level of service to the community.
We prioritize action that supports diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB), as well as accessibility, social justice and community building.
Equitable access
We believe in the power of access to information resources, innovative tools and collaborative spaces for the betterment of society.
Confidentiality and privacy

We defend the rights of our users to privacy.


We value partnerships in all we do.

Ethical stewardship

We are trustworthy, effective and efficient curators of our resources.

Strategic Priorities

DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging)

Build a culture that supports diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Key priorities:

  • Revise the purpose and terminology of the previously named IDEAS committee (inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, social justice) to align with K-State.
  • Develop a plan to recruit diverse applicants for Libraries positions.
  • Implement a training program for Libraries employees related to DEIB.
Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab

Leverage and elevate the Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab to maximize engagement, drive technological discovery and learning, and improve outreach.

Key priorities:

  • Hire additional staff.
  • Finalize a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Libraries and university IT and administration.
  • Develop a programming plan that aligns with the Libraries’ strategic plan.
Research support services

Fully integrate the Libraries into the research support mission while strategically building capacity through structures, resources and people.

Key priorities:

  • Manage phases of the program to include university stakeholders; review and update the RSS online presence; explore new staffing models, etc.
  • Conduct a needs assessment for necessary services related to research support.
  • Build and strengthen university relationships to ensure provided services meet the needs of the university.
Scholarly communication

Strengthen and elevate the structure of scholarly communication, in addition to identifying and pursuing appropriate programs and scope of work that support research, innovation and discovery in alignment with staffing.

Key priorities:

  • Strengthen the scholarly communication structure and staffing within the Libraries’ organizational structure.
  • Review the Center for the Advancement of Digital Scholarship (CADS) programs and scope of work.
  • Improve the efficiency and accuracy of the Open/Alternative Textbook Initiative (OATI) administrative fee.


K-State Libraries Factbook

Data and trends related to the Libraries’ collections, services and more.


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