Open access and OERs

K-State Libraries is committed to the advancement of open access initiatives. Open access is the free, immediate online access to research and scholarly information and has many benefits for an academic community. Sharing the results and knowledge produced at the university is essential to the research process and at the core of our mission.

K-State Libraries has several programs and initiatives that help support open access and open educational resources (OER).


Why open access

Open access has direct and widespread implications for academia, industry, medicine, science and society overall. There are several resources available to learn more about the importance of open access and what we are doing at K-State.

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Open/Alternative Textbook Initiative (Textbooks 2.0)

The Open/Alternative Textbook Initiative provides grants up to $5,000 to K-State faculty and instructors to help them develop or adopt open educational resources or alternatives to traditional textbooks.

Grants are funded by K-State, donor support and a portion of a $10 fee paid by students. Since 2015, K-State's Open/Alternative Textbook Initiative has saved students $6.8 million.

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K-State Open Access Publishing Fund

The K-State Open Access Publishing Fund (KOAPF) supports making K-State research and scholarship immediately, freely and globally available through open access. When support is not available from other sources, the KOAPF will assist K-State authors by paying reasonable article processing charges for publishing in open access journals.

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Navigating publishing and predatory publishing

It is not uncommon for some publishers to solicit manuscripts or journal articles either by contacting recent graduates directly or putting out a “call for papers." While most publishers are legitimate, some are considered predatory, and their offers are often scams. We offer assistance with navigating and identifying legitimate open access publishers and offer advice on how to retain author rights.

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