Digital Archives

Digital Archives

K-State Libraries' digital collections enables the preservation of important historical documents while still providing access to the wealth of knowledge they hold. These valuable resources range from books and primary records to photographs and other visual aids and are available below.


Important note: K-State Libraries’ digital collections may include images and text reflecting various forms of oppression, including but not limited to offensive language or negative stereotypes. Instances of bigotry reflect the attitudes, perspectives and beliefs of those that created and participated in them and should be considered records of the era in which they were produced.

The collection period includes the modern day as born digital resources are collected regularly. They are presented here without censorship as evidence of past activities.


Consumer Movement Archives

The Consumer Movement Archives preserves and documents the history of the consumer movement in the United States. It provides a repository for the papers and records of consumer leaders, activists and organizations, and it promotes scholarly use of the material.




The Cookery Collection is a comprehensive collection dating from 1487 to the present. In addition to print materials, such as cookbooks, household management guides, etiquette manuals, and dietetics/nutrition books, the collection holds the personal papers of several nationally, and regionally-prominent food writers, journalists, and educators.



K-State History

The K-State History collections document the history of the university through photos, newsletters, and yearbooks. These collections also reflect the university's land grant mission through an emphasis on agriculture and human ecology.



K-State Faculty Research Collections

K-State researchers past and present are expanding knowledge in agriculture, biodiversity and other fields. Exceptional research collections, theses and dissertations are available through the Libraries.



Kansas History

This collection documents the history and research created by organizations and citizens of Kansas.


K-State Partner Collections

K-State Libraries actively partner with local and national organizations to create high-quality online collections.



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