Perspectives event series

The Perspectives series offers K-Staters an opportunity to share information and engage in civil discourse. Members of the K-State community are invited to present on a topic and facilitate a conversation in the Dow Center in Hale Library.

Each event is highly structured and moderated so participants can share their opinions and concerns in a place of tolerance, compromise and mutual respect. The goal of the series is to create an environment for ideas to be explored and respected, fostering a spirit of authenticity, curiosity and respect among peers. Participants will have an opportunity to help create a display to support their event. Refreshments will be provided for those who attend.

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Past events

Inclusion - Join a discussion led by students in Communication Studies, in partnership with the Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy and the Dow Center for Multicultural and Community Studies at K-State Libraries, as we discuss the topic of inclusion.

Sexism - Gender stereotypes contribute to sexist thinking: sexism is the form of oppression that dictates what a person can and should be capable of because of their gender. We will discuss the cultural norms applied to those who identify as either male or female.

A conversation on redlining and segregated communities - How would you describe your neighborhood? Is it racially segregated or integrated? Why do you think that’s the case? Understanding what has shaped and influenced our communities, especially when we think about race and housing, helps us make sense of our challenges today.