As subscription prices for e-books, journals, databases and other vital resources continue to increase, K-State Libraries has had to make several rounds of cancellations in recent years. These cost increases average 6% or more each year, leading to unsustainable growth in the price we pay.

We strive to make the decision process as transparent as possible.

These cancellation decisions are difficult and impact the entire campus community. We weigh and analyze a great deal of quantitative and qualitative data, including:

  • Feedback from departments and individuals.
  • Overall usage.
  • Citation analysis, impact factors and other bibliometrics.
  • Overall cost of resources.

How you can impact cancellation decisions

Be counted
We want to make sure your classroom usage of materials is included in our statistics. Instead of uploading a PDF to Canvas, create a permalink for students to use. This will ensure more accurate usage data for our librarians.

Learn how to create a permalink

Provide feedback
The feedback we receive does impact our decisions, particularly if we were unaware a given title or resource is an active part of a department’s curriculum or related to accreditation.

We encourage faculty, researchers and administrators to engage with their librarian and keep them up-to-date on their research priorities, concerns and shifting needs.

Connect with your librarian


Cancellation does not mean titles are completely inaccessible. Many of them are available through a database or interlibrary loan. To see sources that provide online access to any given title, please use the journals search function.

You can also contact your librarian to learn more about how and where to access materials. For questions about the cancellation process or K-State Libraries' collection management practices, please contact Michelle Turvey-Welch, head of content development, at