Reciprocal borrowing and visiting faculty

Visiting faculty and researchers can obtain borrowing privileges with K-State Libraries. Additionally, K-State students, faculty and staff can borrow items from several other universities.

Visiting faculty and researchers

K-State Libraries provides borrowing privileges to visiting faculty, researchers and scholars.

To register to check out K-State Libraries materials, visiting scholars and faculty should complete the online application and present one of the following at the Hale Library help desk on the second floor:

  • Current photo identification from their home academic institution or an OCLC/ARL Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program card.
  • Letter of introduction from sponsoring K-State faculty or department and current state-issued identification.

Visitors needing access to interlibrary loan or online materials outside of the libraries should ask a member of their sponsoring department to complete the Special Access eID form for consideration.

Reciprocal borrowing

K-State Libraries have reciprocal agreements with organizations that allow students, staff and faculty to borrow items at many universities across the U.S. To use this free service, patrons must have a K-State Libraries’ account in good standing and a K-State ID card.

We highly encourage users to contact the library they plan to visit ahead of time to learn about their reciprocal borrowing policies and any documentation they may require. Some libraries may require a few days’ notice to confirm eligibility with the home institution and set up an account.


Reciprocal borrowing programs:

Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA) Circulation Program

Most of the GWLA member institutions participate in their reciprocal borrowing program.

OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program

This program is only available to faculty. You may view a list of participating institutions online.

Kansas Board of Regents Reciprocal Borrowing Program

All Kansas Board of Regents schools participate in reciprocal borrowing programs.

Manhattan Christian College Reciprocal Borrowing Program

K-State and Manhattan Christian College patrons may borrow items from both institutions.

For more information on using these programs, please contact