Open access publishing agreements

As academic publishers transition to open access (OA) publishing in whole or in part, a growing number are approaching libraries to help pay for OA publishing costs, typically by combining annual subscription payments with funds to help cover charges for authors to publish articles as OA in a read-and-publish payment model. The details of these read-and-publish agreements vary from publisher to publisher. Funding is provided by the Libraries’ annual collection budget. One direct advantage to some of these agreements is that K-State authors publishing in the covered journals could have article publishing charges (APCs) waived in part or in full.

We encourage you to submit to these journals and explore the benefits of our agreements. Some benefits change annually (dates and other journal policies may dictate when or whether the incentive is available) or are capped at a certain number of beneficiaries. Make sure to indicate your K-State affiliation when you submit. Contact and copy if you have questions.

K-State Libraries is currently engaged in agreements with the following publishers.