Course textbook fee

If you use no-cost educational resources in your course, you can apply to have the course textbook fee applied to your class. The fee is $10 paid by each student enrolled in the class. 90 percent of the fee goes to your department, and the remaining 10 percent supports the Open/Alternative Textbook Initiative.

Instructors who are awarded grants from the Open/Alternative Textbook Initiative automatically qualify for the course textbook fee.

2021 - 2022 application deadlines

  • Apply by Friday, September 3, 2021 for a Spring 2022 course fee
  • Apply by Friday, February 4, 2022 for a Summer/Fall 2022 course fee

Apply for the Spring 2022 course fee

Apply for the Summer/Fall 2022 course fee


Application and requirements

The fee can be applied to one or multiple sections of the same course. A proposed course may include any of the following or a combination:

  • An existing open access textbook
  • Library resources
  • High quality open educational resources (OER)
  • Multimedia resources (e.g., audio, video, TedTalks, YouTube videos, Wikimedia Commons)
  • Faculty-authored materials (e.g., websites, PDFs, educational presentation slides, lecture videos)

Materials not eligible for the fee include:

  • commercial e-text versions of existing print resources
  • textbook rentals